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Who does not know rope access? Rope access is a method to work at highest, some industries like mining oil and gas industry, façade cleaning, photography and many more are widely used this system. Indorope became the one who is leading the industrial of Rope Access in Indonesia, we are proud for being the part of Indonesia’s headway with the skills that we have and our system that is refers to the International standards.

Indorope’s established on 2009, our core business are services, trainings and equipment supplier in the industry of Rope Access, Rope Rescue and another services that is related to the industry of work at highest. To do work at height, we are legitimated to the regulation of PJK3 Bekerja di Ketinggian by Indonesian Ministry of Labour (Kementerian Tenaga KerjaRepublik Indonesia) No. SKP:5/737/AS.01.02/VII/2023.

Our visions are to:

  • Opens up employment opportunities in the field of work at height in Indonesia.
  • Produce a workforce quality and dedicated to work.
  • Become a leading company in Indonesia for the field of work in high and difficult to reach.

To be able to fulfill our visions, here are our missions:

  • Work with a sincere heart
  • Upholding professionalism and ethics within work.
  • Work safely, skillfully and knowledgeable.
  • Appreciate and provide the best service to our clients.
  • Solid in work and support each other in create the best quality, and
  • Unite to maintain performance in making it happencompany vision.

All of our technicians already have certificates to work at height with the standardization of both National which is KEMENAKER RI and International which is IRATA. Do not  hesitate to use our services, because our technicians has the ability to work at height according to the type/field of work that can be carried out at height.


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